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People everywhere have always fought for a more equal future. Wired, a magazine and news site with a focus on new techs and their impact on culture, believes that artificial intelligence should drives us further in this struggle, and not push us backwards.

We gave an A.I. text-to-image generator some simple prompts, such as /imagine a manager, a thug, two lovers. The results? It would inevitably perpetuate stereotypes. All the managers were white men, all the thugs were people of colour, all the lovers were heterosexual.
The campaign was overwhelmingly successful in raising awareness on the issue. Conversations about A.I. bias increased by around 60% since its launch. Despite the relatively difficult topic, the campaign was even discussed on the main channel of RAI, Italy’s national broadcasting company.
The bias-ridden images the AI created became the visuals of our campaign, which ran on many different media.

Case study

Vic & Frank
Creative team

Vic Apicella

After a master's degree in copywriting, she started her career in several creative agencies in Milan. She is now a creative director, a teacher at NABA Communication Design School, and a doctor in Economics&Finance, although she never tells anyone.

+39 333 1130766

Frank Guarini

Frank is a creative with more than 10 years of experience. He loves art direction crafting more than everything. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in NABA and now he is a creative director, a piano player and, as a good Italian, a cooking lover!

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