Digital Activation

Heterosexual women are the ones who struggle the most to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse, only 64% compared to 95% of men. Insight According to academic studies, music activates the same neurons that orgasms do because pleasure depends on rhythm. Idea We create the perfect love song for each woman: tracks composed on women’s preferences, that their partners could synchronize with during sexual intercourse. Execution We gather information on each women's rhythm by developing a sex-ring they can use while masturbating.
These data are transferred to an AI data-to-music generator that creates the perfect love song for each woman. And each couple.

Case study

Vic & Frank
Creative team

Vic Apicella

After a master's degree in copywriting, she started her career in several creative agencies in Milan. She is now a creative director, a teacher at NABA Communication Design School, and a doctor in Economics&Finance, although she never tells anyone.

+39 333 1130766

Frank Guarini

Frank is a creative with more than 10 years of experience. He loves art direction crafting more than everything. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in NABA and now he is a creative director, a piano player and, as a good Italian, a cooking lover!

+39 329 9765140