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Italy is not a dog-friendly country and moving with pets could be really hard. Especially in the summer, when long distances and iron flight policies drive people and dogs to take separate vacations. As the leading Italian shipping company, GNV decides to welcome people and dogs with brand-new cabins. So, we just let dogs know it first.

Vic & Frank
Creative team

Vic Apicella

After a master's degree in copywriting, she started her career in several creative agencies in Milan. She is now a creative director, a teacher at NABA Communication Design School, and a doctor in Economics&Finance, although she never tells anyone.

+39 333 1130766

Frank Guarini

Frank is a creative with more than 10 years of experience. He loves art direction crafting more than everything. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in NABA and now he is a creative director, a piano player and, as a good Italian, a cooking lover!

+39 329 9765140